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An Adobe Acrobat File: the window on the left is a table of contents. Clicking on a topic in the table of contents window displays those pages in the window on the right. Cool, eh?

Once you've downloaded the Acrobat file and opened it in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can print the file on your home/office printer and it will look just like the original, even if you don't have the fonts or the software that created it.

"What is an Acrobat file?" you may ask. It's a Portable Document Format file (PDF file). This means that almost any other file which has been converted to a "PDF" file can be viewed (as originally created) on almost any other computer even if the other computer doesn't have the software or fonts that were used to create the original file. You do need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from Adobe's web site, or if you own any Adobe product, the Adobe Acrobat Reader was probably installed on your computer when you installed the Adobe software.

Acrobat files are incredible because they not only allow accurate, cross-platform viewing of complex files, they're also extremely small files compared to the original file from which they were created. They also allow the creation of clickable table of contents and hot links throughout the document.
(Applause for Adobe)