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In March, 2000, Url Ratz proudly presented the
Chain-Yank Award to
Caroline Bowen, PhD
Speech-Language Pathologist
for the
The CCC Web Site
and other misbehaviors.

I really got my chain yanked by Caroline Bowen. She didn't warn me that the CCC Web Site is an example of how not to design a web site. If you have an eating disorder, you can use this site instead of a spoon to gag yourself. Little did I suspect that she was letting out the slack in the leash for an impressive, all-pro chain-yank! When I looked at her site, I thought "How could she do such a nice job on her site and such then create such an ugly CCC Web Site?

I thought I was really good at avoiding Chain-Yanks, but ouch, you got me good. And that's why you're one of my new heroes.

In addition to perfecting the Chain-Yank technique, Caroline earned this award due to four other outstanding achievments:

She e-mailed me and claimed she wanted (yes, even craved) this award.

She's from Australia.

My boss, Robin Williams, has a new daughter-in-law from Sydney, Australia.

Four (this was the clincher):
She tried to tell me that this is a picture of her.

She asked for it, and I'm the rat who's gonna let her have it!

Because I'm a sensitive guy, I wrote her a nice letter of notification.

Congratulations ( I guess ), Caroline!


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