Would you like to know who
designed this site for me?
And the
names of the wonderful type faces?


The words Robin Williams (the animation on the very first page) are set in Cheap Motel, available as shareware on America Online. The words Click Me on that same page are set in Mr. Frisky from [T-26].

The subheads on the Table of Contents page and the main headings on each page are set in Schmelvetica from FontShop.

The Table of Contents heading is set in Marie Louise from FontHaus.

The word Robin that appears as part of the animation on the Hat Collection entry page is set in Whimsy Baroque from EyeWire.

The word Home on the home button is set in Letraset Cabarga Cursiva from EyeWire.

I thought so (above) is set in ITC Humana Sans Medium Italic available from EyeWire.

Site Design:

John Tollett designed this site in 1994 and we haven't really updated it since then. That's why the code looks so old -- cuz it is! John also co-founded the Santa Fe Macintosh Users Group with me, and was a co-founding partner of the rootin-est tootin-est web design firm west of the Pecos. It was named West of the Pecos. John's office hours were causing a problem at home (his dogs missed him too much) so he resigned and started working at home. Now he works on various projects, including an online Internet Cafe run by Url Ratz, called Url's Internet Cafe.

His former partner, Dave Rohr, merged with another Web design firm and an Internet Marketing firm for a while, then moved on to Museum Hill.