faqs about my name, robin williams
actually, this is really an fta (frequently told answers)
no, i am not mrs. doubtfire.
no, i did not play mrs. doubtfire in the movie.
no, i am not the robin williams if you are
referring to the hollywood actor (duh). i have
longer legs.
yes, i am the robin williams if you are
referring to computer/type/design books, articles, 
public speaking, Shakespeare, or Mary Sidney.  
no, i am not related to robin williams the actor.   no, robin williams the actor is not my brother.   yes, i was born robin williams. i think i am older than the actor, also, so i was named robin williams first.   no, i have never met robin williams the actor.   nor has he met me.   no, i do not want to call robin williams the actor and ask to do a fundraiser together.   yes, i get calls for robin williams the actor all the time.   no, i do not tell jokes. not intentionally.   no, i don't know what the * * * * noonoo noonoo means.   yes, i really do have a cousin named willie nelson. and i used to date glenn miller who dated elizabeth taylor and i've played darts with steve martin, been at parties with michael knight, had dinner with jim jones, and cher is a dear friend of mine.   black dot.ratz