tri My personal site
More info about me than you ever wanted to know. Many of my books, some really old articles, my kids, my dogs, my bio. Someday I’ll update it. Really. Maybe.

tri International Shakespeare Center
I'm constantly trying to catch up to my life. sheesh. This is an undertaking that looks like it is going to be something really special, though, into which I can incorporate my other favorite projects.

tri Handmade Design Workshop
This book was written by my dear friend, Carmen Sheldon, about creating handmade elements to enhance your digital design work. I added a couple of tips and designed and packaged it for her. It's my favorite book! Ask about having a workshop in handmade design elements!

tri Sunday Pie
I've been working on my doctoral disseration (on Shakespeare) and took to creating a work of art every Sunday in the form of an edible pie. I find it oddly soothing.

tri The Non-Designer's Presentation Book
This is my other favorite book of mine, about how to design presentations. I love presentations. But now this book is also old and needs the new ideas. It’s always sumthin’.

tri Mary Sidney
This is my site about the woman who I believe may have written the works attributed to the man named William Shakespeare. The papberback edition of the book is now available.

tri The Shakespeare Papers
My favorite project—this combines my passion for design with my passion for the Shakespearean works.

tri I Read Shakespeare
I'm tired of people telling me not to read Shakespeare, that I must only see it on the stage. sigh. I'm on a mission.

tri Non-Designer’s Design Workshops
I don't teach these any more, but Barbara McNally is my protege and leads dynamic workshops. You/your company will love her.

tri DemonBells
These are the first ergonomically designed and artistic kettle bells, designed by my oldest son, Ryan.

tri Agility Graphics
This is the freelance web developer site of my remarkable German son, Brian Forstat.

tri Url’s Internet Cafe!
Url's is an ancient (in web years) but fun cafe run by Url Ratz. We took this down but heard from teachers about missing it so here it is in a new address.

tri John’s blogs and drawings and A Gallery Somewhere
John’s sketches and commentary of our travels here and there.

tri Peachpit Press
All my books are available here, and lots of other great books too.


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